XTERRA Czech 2018 and XTERRA Relay share the same race course. This is a race with two transition areas, i.e. the swim-to-bike and bike-to-run transitions are located in different places. Organizers will be providing shuttles to the race start from race center in Prachatice town. Kristanovicky pond, the lake where swim part take place, is located about 10 km from Prachatice town. Parking in the area will be possible. Please see schedule for bus departure times and traffic section for parking options.

Swim course – 1.5km (2 laps with Australian exit)


The race will start with a swim in Kristanovicky pond. Start of the race will be from water. Start line will be marked by two buoys and rope between them. There will be surf boards and boats with referees judging the start. Athletes will have to swim triangle lap twice. Between laps there will be short run out of water. After two laps athletes will run into transition area on the beach.




Bike course – 32km (1 lap)


After transitioning on to the shore of the lake, competitors will cycle into the wonderful Sumava mountains. One lap of the cycle course is very challenging, although it is still great fun. Single-tracks, fords and fantastic views whilst also riding through stunning villages and towns are all features that has made our bike course so unique. In the last part of the cycling segment, competitors will ride through the narrow roads of Prachatice city centre to finish on the Great Square where they will transition to the final segment. There will be two aid stations offering water and isotonic drink bottles, gels and bananas. Course will be marked by blue arrows, ropes on trees and arrows on the roads.

GPX for practise for download: HERE




Run course – 10km (2 laps)


The run consists of two laps and has little bit of everything; running on cobbles in the city center, steep uphills, technical downhills as well as flat running sections. After each lap competitors will run through race center on the Great Square where they will eventually finish the race. The finish gate will be just in front of the Old Town Hall from 18th century. There will be four aid stations on the run offering water, isotonic drink, gels, bananas and bars. The course will be marked by red arrows, ropes on the trees and arrows on the roads.


Information for Relays: The handover of relay batons will take place in T1 and T2, in areas clearly marked as “Transition Relay” (see map). It is not possible to undertake a hand-over in a different place of the course.