HOBBY RACE | Saturday 18/6/2022

XTERRA Sprint – Hobby

    0,3K swim
  12K MTB
    3K run



0,3K swim – 12K MTB – 3K run

Shorter race called Sprint-Hobby is also less technical and it is a perfect one to start with XTERRA racing! You don’t need bike skills or strong endurance and you can still enjoy XTERRA because of this Sprint-Hobby race. We will skip all technical parts on the main course, but you will still enjoy the same race setup, iconic rock gorge valley path, Divoka Sarka paths or famous „small Maui“ run section. Come on you can do XTERRA!


Start of the race will be from the grass shores of Dzban lake. The loop is marked with yellow buoys, you will have them all on your left shoulder. After one 300 meter long loop you exit the water and run into transition area.


Bike course is one 12K long loop. The start is the same as the long race. After the first uphill the Sprint distance bike loop goes on a different route. It still copies the main Original route, but Sprint race cuts all technical uphills and downhills. The whole route is on fire roads, fields, park paths and not difficult flat singletracks. You don’t have to be scared, this loop is very safe and made for beginners! Last part of the course is on the tarmac and the competitors will be protected by fences from the spectators and random Prague dogwalkers.


Start of the run loop is the same as the bike loop. After 600 meters the run loop turns left into nice „small Maui“ section. It is a narrow singletrack between bushes and small trees similar to old Maui course around Makena beach park. Sprint race will cut steep uphill and downhill sections of the original loop. The last part is the same for both races. Once competitors enter the race area they turn right into finish line!




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