The team race!


  1.5 K Swim
  33 K Mountain Bike
    10.5 K Trail run



1.5 K Swim – 33 K Mountain Bike – 10.5 K Trail run
Chance to try the XTERRA vibe with your friends! Each of you will pick one part of triathlon (swim, bike, run). Share the challenge with your friends and race on the same course as professionals!


Swim part of the race takes place at Kristanovicky Lake. It is the highest situated human-made lake in the Czech Republic. The water has bronze colour because of peat bottom of the lake. Water is very clear (but with bronze colour) and always warm (20-24 Celsius). Swim course consists of 2 laps, each 750 metres. Start is from the water, between the laps there is a short run and jump back to the water from the pier. The timing chip is like your relay pin! 

Transition Area no.1

Swimmer will give it to the biker in marked RELAY TRANSITION in the end of the individual race trasition area.

Mountain Bike

This bike course is a mix of cool singletracks, fast fire roads, steep downhills and uphills, fords and everythi ng you can expect from the European Championship course. First part will take you down the Blanice river, after first Aid station you have to climb back to the Kristanovicky Lake. Near the lake you turn left and after few kilometres you join the medieval business path called The Golden Path. Last part of the course above Prachatice is the most technical part of the course with lots of singletracks, steep climbs and unpredictable curves. Finish of the bike leg is in the streets of the rennaissaince old town, where you can expect thousands of crazy fans. On the bike course, there 3 aid stations. 

Transition Area no.2

Relays transition zone will be located at the entrance to the transition area. Biker will give timing chip to runner. He will run trough transition area and continue to the run course.


XTERRA Czech run course is made of 2 laps. After exiting the historical center you will have to run few hundred meters on the tarmac to get into wood on the slopes of Cerna Hora, a hill above Prachatice. This part of the course is full of narrow singletrails, uphills, jumps, fords, rock sections and more. This is a signature part of our Czech run course! Last kilometer of the run lap is also in the historical city center. New addition to the course is run over the historical barriers, where we have built special steps. The finish line is just in front of the Statue of justice in the middle of Prachatice Great Square. There will be 8 Aid stations on the course.





Register for the XTERRA CZECH 2020 and become part of the XTERRA family! You don’t need any license or qualifying slot for the race!


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