We are happy to announce Czech government officially allowed XTERRA Czech, yesterday. Because of a good progress of epidemic in Czech Republic we will be able to organize XTERRA event with some logical restrictions to protect you and all crew.  

We are currently updating our official webpage www.xterra.cz , but we want to give you some basic information in few points. 

1) XTERRA Czech race will take place in Prachatice on 19 and 20th June 2021. 

2) XTERRA Czech main race (1.5-33-10), Sprint race (0.3-12-5), Relays and Sunday Short Track will take place as scheduled. 

3) XTERRA Kids duathlon and run, XTERRA Herbis run (5 and 10K) and music festival is cancelled. 

4) Maximum number of competitors in Sprint race + Main race + Relays is 400. This number can be higher once the pandemic situation is better in Czech. Minimum is 400. 

Note: Now we have more than 240 entries – please register right now to secure your spot! 

5) Registration will be closed 14 days before event (5th June 2021) – no later entries! 

Register right now here: https://endurancecui.active.com/event-reg/select-race?e=69182652 

6) After this date, all athletes will receive invitation letter to confirm they are travelling to international legal sport event. This document should help you to skip quarantine, we are now working hard to have confirmation of the travel rules for all European countries with all details. 

7) All athletes, crew, media and team members can enter the race area if ONE of this conditions is met:

a) Negative Covid 19 Antigenic laboratory test (test is valid for 72 hours). 

b) Confirmation from doctor that you had covid in last 3 months from race day. 

c) Confirmation of vaccination. 

Athletes must bring the certificate for the race bag pick-up (Thursday 17th and Friday 18th June 2021).  

8) Race area will be closed to public. Once government will allow us to invite spectators we will share the restrictions and other information with you. 

9) In race area everybody must wear respirators (KN95 or PPF2) or nano-wire mask at all times. 

10) In race area everybody must keep 2 meter security distance if possible.  

11) The race will start in waves of athletes – number of athletes in one wave will depend on current conditions minimum is 30 / wave, but we believe in 100 / wave. 

12) The aid stations can work as normal – crew will wear gloves, masks and have negative test, of course. 

13) After the race athletes must leave finish zone (once they are ready to do it) and not interact with other athletes. 

14) Only top 3 athletes from each age-group can be presented on award ceremony. No music, no organized party. 

15) Covid helpdesk – We know how complicated can be travelling with all the tests, etc. This is why we are working on portal on webpage with contacts to local test facilities and we will also have one crew member to help you with your travel. Once we open this portal we will publish! 





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