Swim - 1,5 K (TWO LAPS)

The first part of triathlon take place at Kristanovicky pond, 7 kilometres fom Prachatice. You can travell on your own or use our BUS with bike trailer which arrives from 8AM to 11,30AM (EVERY 40 MINUTES) from Small square in Prachatice. Athletes from Xterra Easy race have to use buses before 9AM!

This highest situated pond in Czech republic (790 m.a.s.) was built in 19th century for fishing and also for vocations. Because of peat bottom the pond has one of the clearest watters in south of Bohemia. Pond is rounded by woods, behind west dam, there is hidden small camp. Near the pond (2km) there is ruin of castle called HUS (built in 1341), which was built for protecting the Golden path, one of the most important business ways in Middle ages in central Europe. The race take place on the "beach", which offer great area for T1 and for start. By the way there is small bar with some drinks!

Start of the race will be from watter, near the beach between two buoys. Swim track consists from two laps (each 750m) with running from the watter in the middle. T1 will be on the beach near the swim entrance. T1 is rowed by race numbers! Relays will be giving chips to bikers in the end of transition area.


Bike will be marked by blue arrows and ropes on the trees. After riding off the beach you will turn left, direction to the castele HUS. After 1 K you will turn right to the funny singletrack around the lakes camp. After short passage on the tarmac road you turn right to the mursh around Kritanovicky pond. Muddy singletracks with sharp stones under it, this is Xterra Czech 2014!!! After few kilometres, track continous with large sand roads, direction Albrechtovice. After riding trought small village, track takes right to very dangerous downhill which ends with small ford. Next step is to beat very slopy singletrack trought pastures. If you will have a little time you schould check Bunkers form thithties of 20th century. After climp to Cerna Hora  you reach refreshment station for the first time. After this you schould enjoy technical downhill to the city of race, Great square Prachatice.

After riding trought refreshment area in city center, you schould move your eyes up and you will see next climb - Dubovy Vrch. When you rech the top, you schould enjoy some funny singletracks in area called Cvrckov. After riding trought another ford the track will slowly move up to the most difficult climb of the race - Stadla. In the end of this hell climb we made new section called "Stairway to Heaven" - really slopy climp on moss! Next 5 km downhill with nice landwievs is desrved price for previous though work. In the village called Perlovice you will find next refreshment area, and you will turn left to the last downhill that you know from the first part of the bike leg. There you will take same way as in the first lap to the finish of the bike course.


On the Great square will be situated T2. Run will be marked by red darts and marks. After running of T2 you can take some refreshment, first time on run. In the opposite direction of bike end you will run next to Stepancin park  and continue on the street called Golden Path to the trails. After running across the bridge near boarding school you will take right to the really funny singletrack. There you will go along old watterplant, but  you will maybe have another things in charge..:) cause you have to run up to the highest point of run course - Old wood crossroads. There you will meet bikers, but you will maybe not have time to say hello...cause next fast downhill will be real check of your run skills. Probably you will think, that craziest thing schouldn´t come, but traversing the Dubovy vrch hill offer a lot of dangers. Last kilometr will be really peacefull - only run on the tarmac road to the race center, but theres a problem - you schould run two of these laps (each 5 km)...:) After firts lap you will get rope, as a proof of running two laps. And finaly after two laps you schould finaly run trought finish gate and have a rest in the finish tent.


AMEDIPRO XTERRA CZECH 2014 - 1,5 - 36 - 10